What is TourGuide?

TourGuide is an innovative web-based application for mobile devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android) built by students and faculty as a project of the CAL Academic Technology Office and Creativity Exploratory. TourGuide allows location aware (GPS based) tours to be easily created for the mobile devices anywhere.

The TourGuide builder leverages HTML5 technologies to provide a flexible environment that works across mobile device platforms and desktop computers. Participants can construct their own tours directly from their devices or via desktop computer.

TourGuide is designed to promote

  • A seamless integration between desktop and mobile browsing
  • Ease of mobile content creation either in the field or in the classroom/office
  • Focus on educators and students, teaching and learning
  • Content presentation and place-based learning

How Would I Use TourGuide?

  • Engage people in current topics or historical issues in your community
  • Teachers create tours for class field trips
  • Students on field trips create tours
  • Museums and galleries create tours of their facilities

TourGuide is generously supported by the following organizations/individuals