1. New Deal Art and Architecture

    Location:East Lansing, MI, USA(15 stops)

    Description: In the 1930s, the United States government, under the leadership of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his “New Deal” social program, emerged as a patron of the arts, assuring the survival of artists, improving public facilities and creating a public art audience. Countrywide, communities large and small, urban and rural, were recipients of this government-sponsored art. The Kresge Art Museum created this website as a resource for the general public and educators to discover the numerous examples of art and architecture of East Lansing and Lansing from this period. This site offers both a virtual online tour as well as a walking tour in a pdf format to print out and take with you on a visit to the Michigan State University Campus. Factual information on individual artists and activity guides are offered, as well as useful links to additional WPA resources. The walking tour of the Michigan State University campus takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.

    Tour Content by Kresge Art Museum. Originally created by Thelma Rohrer, revised by Elizabeth DeRose and Kevin Henley. Photographs by Kevin Henley.

  2. Silent Spring

    Location:East Lansing, MI 48823, USA(12 stops)

    Description: The Silent Spring tour commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the book that helped change the dangers of using DDT pesticides. This tour shows you around the MSU campus with stops that correlate to the book and the scientific discoveries of the effects of DDT. Most stops are accompanied with a picture from the time Silent Spring was researched to give a view of the past combined with the present.

    While on the tour, be conscious about bikers, pedestrians, and cars. Depending on when you walk the tour, campus tends to be busy.

  3. CAL Building Tour

    Location:East Lansing, MI 48823, USA(9 stops)

    Description: This tour takes visitors through the MSU campus to buildings affiliated with the College of Arts and Letters. The tour was created as a part of our 50th Anniversary celebration.

    Tour sponsored by Henry Timnick, BA, MA,1957-58 in honor of his Mother, Ottillie Schroeter Timnick

  4. Keepers of Kids Creek

    Location:Traverse City, MI 49684, USA(7 stops)

    Description: The Grand Traverse Stewardship Initiative is one of the Education Programs of the Grand Traverse Conservation District, and one of eight regional hubs that are part of a larger state-wide program called the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative (GLSI). Greespire students are one of twelve Stewardship Initiative teams in the Grand Traverse Region. Because of our extensive study of the Commons Natural Area, and Kids Creek, we were asked by the Grand Traverse Conservation District to lead one of their Community Stewardship Series events, and share what we have learned with the community.

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