MSU Auditorium, 1940

Location: East Lansing, MI, USA

Description: MSU Auditorium, 1940 Bowd-Munson Architects

In 1938 the Public Works Administration allocated more than $500,000 toward the final cost of $1,025,000 for an auditorium to accommodate the academic and cultural activities of the growing MSU student body. Designed by O.J. Munson, the Gothic-inspired pointed arches and lancet windows on the entrance facade, and oak paneling, chandeliers, and white marble flooring of the lobby interior, reflect a desire for an elaborate structure to suit its cultural purpose. The limestone spandrels of the three identical entry portals are decorated with images of comedy, tragedy, musical instruments, and vines.

Munson’s building houses two theaters, the large Auditorium at the front entrance on Farm Lane and the smaller Fairchild Theater at the east entrance of the building, arranged with the proscenium in the center of the building. This set-up eliminates the need for duplicate technical equipment and lighting; however, it is often problematic to hold simultaneous performances.

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