College of Natural Science building and Former DDT Loading Dock

Location: East Lansing, MI, USA


The College of Natural Science delivers courses in zoology and plant biology, chemistry and biochemistry, entomology, ecology, genetics, physiology, development, neurobiology, geology, mathematics, and other sciences. Faculty and students undertake research in all of these fields. George Wallace was an ornithologist in the College of Natural Science when the story of the MSU robins was unfolding. His office was room 219 in the building.

At the time when Rachel Carson published Silent Spring—1962—only 24% of students in the College of Natural Science were women. In 2011, 51% of students in the college were women.

On the north side of the building about half way along its length, ou will see a loading dock that has been bricked in, leaving only a door. DDT was once stored in this building, and loaded via this loading dock.

Retrace your steps a short way, and turn right to head towards Grand River Avenue. You will find a large round pond.

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