Linton Hall

Location: East Lansing, MI 48823, USA


History: Linton Hall is the second oldest extant building on campus. It was built in 1881 as the Library-Museum. In the early days of Linton, the hall housed the president’s office and served as the administration building. In 2001, President M. Peter McPherson described Linton as “the place from which Hannah built the school”, referring to President John Hannah’s accomplishments. The building currently houses the College of Arts & Letters department.

Architecture: The building was originally a High Victorian Romanesque T-shaped design with a central lantern tower. The building is made of orange brick, Indian limestone, Michigan fieldstone, granite, and wood, all of which reflect the Victorian style. The tympanums relief is the historic Michigan State University seal. The fountain located to the south was a gift from the Class of 1900. The fountain is a horse trough and drinking fountain, which is symbolic of the historical area.

Departments: The building currently houses the College of Arts & Letters .

Fun Fact: The unusually high ceilings of Linton were made to accommodate the Library Museum to allow for stacking books.

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