Morrill Hall

Location: East Lansing, MI 48823, USA


History: Morrill Hall was originally known as the Women’s building and was designed for the teaching of domestic science. The building was comprised of offices, classrooms, a cooking laboratory, music rooms, and “living rooms” for 120 women. In 1937, as the popularity of women joining the University increased, the hall was resituated to solely classrooms and laboratories and was given the name Morrill Hall.

Architecture: This large Neo-Classical building displays a white pediment and cornice on its central pavilion and entry. The outer brick is made of Lake Superior red sandstone with Tuscan columns and austere piers atop the high porch.

Departments: Throughout the years, Morrill Hall has been occupied by the Department of English, Department of History, Department of Philosophy, Department of religious Studies, Center for Integrative Studies in the Arts and Humanities and programs in the College of Human Ecology.

Fun Fact: Kristin Clark Taylor, a famous alumni of the College of Arts and Letters, is a veteran journalist, author and communications/political consultant. She is a member of USA Today’s original creation and launch team. She recalls Morrill Hall saying "Even in the stillness of a moment today, more than thirty years later, I can quickly call up the memory of the comforting, old-book smell of Morrill Hall. I can place myself deep within the memory of its polished corridors and dark-stained offices. In Morrill, I could feel the comforting closeness of the written word; whether those words were Shakespeare’s or Shelley’s or even my own. In that building, as a student in the College of Arts and Letters, I knew I was not alone in my passionate, sustained love of and respect for the English language. It is a love that has lasted over time, deepened over the decades, guiding me today in everything that I do."

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