Kresge Art Center

Location: East Lansing, MI, USA


History: In 1931 the Art Department at Michigan State University was established. Between 1944 and 1950 the enrollment in the Art Department soared 350%. The faculty expanded from seven in 1945 to 21 in 1955. The Kresge collection houses over 7,500 objects spanning over 5,000 years.

Architecture: The Kresge Art Center name derives from the Stanley S. Kresge Foundation, which funded this consolidation of art classrooms, studios, and gallery space in one building. Howard Church, who was department chair from 1945 until 1961, traveled with Ralph Calder, the architect, to several colleges and universities to garner ideas suitable for adaptation here. Church wanted a building that was slightly more “modern” than the Collegiate Gothic Music Building.

Departments: The Department of Art and Art History continue to occupy most of the building.

Fun Fact: Charles Pollock, brother of the famous Jackson Pollock, taught calligraphy, printing, typography and design at Kresge from 1942-1967.

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