Bessey Hall

Location: Okemos, MI 48864, USA


History: The namesake, Ernst A. Bessey, was an internationally known scientist, a professor of botany and mycology, head of the Department of Botany.

Architecture: Erected in 1961, Bessey hall exemplifies an array of international traits- flat roofs, curtain walls, and essentialist geometric vocabulary among the offices and classrooms. A refined use of brick, glass, aluminum, and stainless steel enhance the simplicity of the ornate surfaces. One notable feature of Bessey hall is the cantilevered entrance canopy and the green, slate spandrels of the classroom wing.

Departments: Bessey houses the Department of Writing, Rhetoric and American Cultures.

Fun Fact: Charles Edwin Bessey, father of Ernst Bessey, is a famous botanist known for his arrangement of flowering plants taxa, with focus on the evolutionary divergence of primitive forms, is considered by many as the system most likely to form the basis of a modern, comprehensive taxonomy of the plant kingdom. He was also inducted into the Nebraska Hall of Fame in 2009.

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