MSU Museum

Location: East Lansing, MI, USA


History: The original building was designed by Bowd-Munson as a library to replace the library-museum that was once Linton Hall. In the mid-1950’s the library was again transferred to the current library which would be its final move. The museum was renovated to prepare for the museum’s collections and an extension was added to the top floor.

Architecture: The MSU museum is another example of strong Collegiate Gothic traits with its limestone windows and projecting piers. The museum’s symmetrical plan is accented with two projecting pavilions on each end. When you enter you are overcome by the impressively dressed central hallway polished in Tennessee Napoleon marble. On the top floor, is a band of windows along the south facade. These windows are now the defining characteristic of the surrounding area.

Departments: Today, the MSU museum houses documented research collections in anthropology, history, paleontology, zoology, and folk culture as foci for scholarly study and an extensive educational-outreach program.

Fun Fact:The Travel Channel's "Mysteries at the Museum" paid a visit to MSU Museum to film the "Crippen Case," based on the work of forensic scientist and faculty member David Foran. The case centered on a man, Crippen, who was hanged for murdering his wife 100 years ago. Foran and his team proved through state-of-the-art DNA analysis and sleuthing that Hawley's conviction for this crime was flawed.

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